Lessons At Horse Sense (L@HS) offers riding lessons
in Demorestville ON.

Specializing in beginner to Novice lessons with a focus on horsemanship with a dressage riding foundation.

*L@HS operates at Horse Sense but is not a part of FEEL programming*

Lesson Pricing

Beginner Lesson – 1 hr – $35

This lesson type is geared towards adults and children who have never ridden, or who have not ridden much. Perhaps you (or your child!) has always loved the idea of riding but never had the opportunity. Perhaps the first experience was at a fair or birthday party. However you got bitten with “the bug,” these lessons will get you started right. Learn horse handling, grooming, tacking up, riding, untacking, and putting away your lesson horse. Here at L@HS, we don’t believe riding is the most fufilling part of being with horses, and understand that learning horsemanship is paramount to long term joy with horses.
– Actual riding time for these lessons is 20-30mins –

Minimum age: 8

Novice Lesson – 45 min – $35

This lesson type is for those who have completed beginner lessons, whether with us or another facility. (AKA you have been fully taken over by the insanity we know as a love for horses!) Novice students know how to get a horse from the field and get it ready with minimal supervision. The full forty-five minutes is devoted to riding skills. Students will come away from each lesson with an increased knowledge of the challenging sport (and art!) of dressage at the basic level.

Leadline Session – 30min – $25

Do you have a young child who loves horses but isn’t old enough for lessons? Have you always wanted to ride a horse but arent ready for the commitment of learning a complicated but engaging sport? Do you really just want to go for a pony ride?? This is the option for you. Our Leadline sessions include a brief introduction to horses w/ short grooming session, and a ~15min ride on one of our lesson horses lead by Ayra. Rider will be introduced to stop/go but will not steer on their own. For very young children, parents are required to side-walk.

Minimum age: 3

About The Instructor

Ayra Colton-Edwards, RSW

The first time Ayra sat on the back of a horse, she was not yet walking. Growing up around horses, Ayra always had a love for them, especially on the ground. A dressage rider by heart, Ayra has competed in dressage, hunters and equitation, and dabbled in low level trail, western pleasure, cross country and even polo. She is the past-president of the Lakehead Equestrian Team and the past president of QSLB Cadora, the local CADORA (CAnadian Dressage Owners and Riders Association) chapter. Her equine passions include the sport of dressage, facilitated equine experiential learning, and the retraining and re-homing of off track standardbred horses.

Ayra is a registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers. She brings her social work education into her work with clients and students.

Ayra has been instructing professionally since October 2018.